Who Wants to be a Leading Lady?

I just finished producing an event for 450 women in Silicon Valley.  It was called “Leading Ladies,” and it celebrated the confluence of the arts with science and technology.  I combined Ann Bowers,  a trailblazing pioneer at the nexus of technology, Dr. Natalie Batalha, a celebrated NASA mission scientist, Randi Zuckerberg, a marketing guru, and Lauren Gunderson’s play, “Silent Sky,” together, in one presentation with the hopes of inspiring women of all ages to make a difference in their community by using their unique skills and talents.

What struck me about this event, and our Leading Ladies who presented, was that though they spanned decades in terms of personal age, their message was the same – loud and clear.  Don’t give up! Anything is possible! Fight through the fog! Reach for the stars!

As I consider these messages and reflect on my own upbringing, I realize the ambiguity that surrounded my childhood.  I was raised by strong women who sublimated their careers for their husbands.  My mother is my role model, a Leading Lady in her own right, but she didn’t begin blossoming until very late in life, when my father finally conceded that they needed a second income to manage expenses. At now, 87 years old, she still works as a real estate agent!

I had been happy to stay in the shadows of my career until recently.  I’ve been great at writing and producing for others- using my vision for others to shine. Working on the Leading Ladies event, and my Age Busters business, has taught me to move out of the shadows, and to embrace my own wisdom and allow my voice to be heard. It hasn’t been easy – and I struggle with my past every day.  But I have made a commitment to myself, my husband, my friends and family, to stay the course – to be heard.

If I can do it…so can you.

This Valentine’s day- let’s really celebrate ourselves and commit to sharing our stories – the good, the bad and the ugly – and our wisdom.  After all, we’re all Leading Ladies.

Dazzle Within

Do you have your own story to tell that you’re willing to share?  Post your comments below.