We finally made it!


IMG_0417-(ZF-8443-03720-1-001)Our 3,500 mile journey across the country was a fitting start to our new life. First stop, Las Vegas where I surprised Jodye with a renewal of our vows at the Graceland Chapel – full tilt with Elvis Presley and our long-time friend, Greg Fleeman. Then some genuine tears at the feelings aroused by the incredible Cirque de Soleil “Love” production.

Next stop, Grand Canyon. Awesome is an overused word, but it definitely applies here. Truly awesome. But how could breakfast cost us $28.00 at McDonalds? Then on to Santa Fe, NM. Way too much New Mexican food, but what an interesting place to visit. We had intended to stop in various other places – Memphis, Nashville, New Orleans – but the drive became tedious – even though the scenery was amazing. So we rushed through, stopping in Atlanta to have dinner with my nephew, Ted.

So sad to leave our family and friends in California – that’s the tough part. But Jesse, Alla and Addison are here and we’re already beginning to renew friendships with old friends from the past here – and of course many relatives.

Retired – or better yet: rewired, refreshed, rewarded, revitalized, rejuvenated, reawakened, renewed (check out our Elvis/Vegas renewal video: https://youtu.be/BBCnZA0wy_k

What’s next? Not sure exactly, but I’ll be driving UBER, picking up the Age Busters, real estate, looking at other opportunities and who knows what else? Jodye is thrilled to be able to concentrate on her talent as an artist and a teacher of art.

Stay tuned for more on the next chapter of our lives.