Lava Lamp


I always wanted a lava lamp. I remember when I lived in New York – early 70’s – I had to watch my pennies and just couldn’t justify the cost. Then, as I grew older, it seemed too kitschy – too 70’s. I put it in the back of my mind.

Retiring and moving to Florida, I developed a new mindset. And there it was – a brand new lava lamp at Tuesday Morning. It was only $14.95 – I think that was less than what it sold for in the 70’s – surely less than what inflation would have affected. So I got it!

Simple pleasures, and fulfillment of sometimes long-forgotten desires. I see it a lot here in Florida – guys with Mustangs and Corvettes . . .

I encourage everyone in the Retirement Zone to think back at what they wanted in their youth – and go for it. I’m sure you’ll be as happy as I am with my new, old fantasy come true.