Interesting that President Obama’s State of the Union address used “change” as a major theme.  Change is something we’re all experiencing.  All kinds of change.  Our economy is changing.  Our educational system is changing.  Our family relationships are changing.  Our vision of the future is changing.

One thing for sure – most of us resist change.  You can see it in our politics.  Did you watch the speech?  Did you notice that Republicans didn’t applaud nor stand-up for remarks that went against the party line?  Likewise, the Democrats stood in unison for the Democratic party line statements.

How juvenile!  Do they think they can actually resist inevitable change?

I applaud the President for chastising Congress for their resistance to change.  And us, for not insisting that our representatives do something for a “change”.

This website is about change, and I hope that you take a few minutes to ponder what it means to change.