My Nutribullet & Me!

I’m in love with my Nutribullet. I purchased wonderful little miracle machines for all my kids over the holidays. We all got Nutribullets, and without sounding like an infomercial, I’m in love.  This little powerhouse grinds, blends and emulsifies just about anything you put into it.  I love that we’re enabling our children and grandchildren…

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New Year . . . YOU!

7 tips to help you start the New Year and dazzle! Why be a “new you” when you can be the best you.  So in the hopes of inspiring you to become the very best “you” this year, I’ll share my top 7 tips that help me feel great inside and out. I find 20…

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Empty Nest Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Cooking for Fewer People!

When we were raising our kids, dinner as a family was a huge part of our culture.  And Sunday dinners were and remain – sacrosanct.  When I was working and raising my kids, I really didn’t have time during the week to be a creative cook. It was – get dinner on the table as…

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