Look in the Mirror

So after my big scare, I’m following my own advice (per my book, Transcend).  One of the first steps is to look in the mirror.  I look in the mirror.  Not a pleasant sight!  I look much older than I thought, and, in fact, have been feeling older than I want.  My full-body profile is pear-shaped, I think.  Jodye says it looks like I have a bowling ball in my stomach.  I’m definitely out of shape.  And I look tired.

Aside from the physical, I’m stressed out!  I’m worried about my health.  I pay attention to minor pains, dizziness, stomach problems – hoping that everything is ok, but worried that there is an underlying problem that I just don’t know about.

So I’m writing these things down (as I suggest to my readers), as a baseline for what I want to change.  I’m procrastinating a bit, in terms of making any substantial changes.  I meet with my cardiologist tomorrow and expect that he will make some recommendations.  So that’s my target date for change – tomorrow, January 22, 2016.  I’m going to continue following my own advice, beginning with Baby Steps.

More to come after my doctor appointment.