Silicon Valley Tours plus Aids Research

Interesting day.  First, a trip to the airport.  The passenger was from Kazakhstan and lives in the Bay Area.  His business is arranging for commercial visits by foreign companies and government groups to Silicon Valley.  He arranges meetings with local start-ups and established companies which are geared towards disruptive change.  Interesting concept and valuable to both sides.  He was on his way to Germany, then Kazakhstan to drum up new business.

Later in the day, I brought a woman from San Francisco to the San Mateo Marriott.  She’s a public health official and will be presenting at a conference organized by Gilead.  I wasn’t aware that HIV/Aids is actually increasing in numbers in the U.S.  It seems that the younger generation of gay men do not fear the disease as their predecessors had.  The diagnosis of HIV/AIDS used to be a death sentence.  However, now, it can be treated with various medicines and no longer carries the same threat.  So more unprotectied sex is taking place.  Her goal is to increase awareness of the dangers, and stress the importance of routine screenings.  It is a tremendous public health issue.  I think our general population is unaware of what has happened and is happening.