priusMaybe the Law of Attraction at work?

I recently listened to two Nerdist podcasts.  Chris Hardwick interviewed film and tv producer Brian Grazer in the first.  Then last week he interviewed Brian and his partner in the biz, Ron Howard.  They are promoting their new docu-series on National Geographic Channel, “Breakthrough”.

One of the interesting things I learned about Brian is his obsession with curiosity.  His own curious mind led him, over the past 35 years to interview literally hundreds of people – both in show business and all other areas – science, arts, business, etc.  His interviews contributed substantially to some of the great movies he’s produced, including Apollo 13, A Curious Mind, Splash, and many more.  He recently published a book, “A Curious Mind, The Secret to a Bigger Life”.  It’s all about curiosity.  I just downloaded the book and look forward to binge reading it soon.

Last Thursday I picked up a young Indian man who lives in Boston and was here as a volunteer for a conference about startups at the Computer History Museum.  We had about 30 minutes together during the ride.  He mentioned that he was curious by nature.  He’s passionate about movies and movie making.  He’d never heard of Grazer nor his book.  I implored him to listen to the podcasts and get the book.  He was excited to learn about Grazer.  I think it was just what he needed to help him continue on his own journey of curiosity.  Our interaction will have a profound effect on his life.

This experience got me thinking.  I have affected many people through my brief UBER experience.  There are young women who are having relationship problems – some in terrible situations.  There are newly minted software engineers who are just beginning the search for something meaningful to do.  There are older people who are facing what I call the Retirement Zone and are thrilled that I’m writing a book about retiring.  There are tourists who are so thankful that I give advice about how to visit the Bay Area in a unique way.  People from all over the world have shared time and thoughts with me.

As a driver, I’m like an anonymous therapist.  Passengers feel free to talk about some of their innermost secrets.  And many times I offer advice, generally much appreciated.

Curious, isn’t it?