Catching Up

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted so I thought I’d do some catch up.  Most exciting is that I’ve finally finished my book, Transcend – a Baby Boomer’s Guide to Change.  I’ll do a more comprehensive post when it’s truly complete – still having issues with how to publish.  First it will be an epub doc, available through this website.  Then, probably Amazon and iTunes.

I’ve had some very interesting riders in my UBER gig.  A beautiful young lady who is trying to find her way found my way.  She’s now a head hunter, but is leaning towards a career in non-profits, an area where I’m certainly an expert.  She moved here from Germany recently.  It was such a pleasure talking with her – and inspiring that she has such a determination to do something good and fulfilling.  I hope to be able to help her in her quest.

It occurs to me that I’ve driven several young women who are similar.  For some, they’ve followed their boyfriends to San Francisco, only to break up with them months or weeks after arriving.  The decision to move here from abroad must have been difficult.  They had no idea they’d be on their own, but each of them has confronted the change aggressively.  I don’t think they realize how lucky they are to have experienced such a challenge to their personal, career and social life at such an early age.  It will surely serve them well in their future lives.