Baby Steps for a New Lease on Life

I feel great! I met with my cardiologist on Friday. The results of my stress test were fine. Regarding the “episode” that led me to think I had a heart attack, he couldn’t be sure. He said he suspects paroxysmal tachycardia – basically an irregular heartbeat, something I experienced years ago. He did suggest I get a EC smartphone monitor made by If I feel that there is something wrong, I can just touch the sensors on an iphone case they sell. It does a quick ECG and advises if there is a problem. So I ordered one online and should receive it next week.


I’m planning to make some substantial changes – follow m own advice per my book, Transcend. I began by “looking in the mirror”. Now I’m doing some baby steps – lowering my carb intake, exercising moderately, meditating and some tapping.


I’ll post on my progress in coming days.