Change.  That’s what we’re all about.

As Baby Boomers, we’ve been through lots of changes.  As we enter the “Retirement Zone,” we are faced with new challenges.  Change can be daunting and some of these changes can be drastic.  We’re here to help you along what can be an exciting path – one that you may have dreamed of, or maybe never even imagined.

Through summits, seminars, classes and workshops, the Age Busters uncover and share the latest innovations, breakthroughs and research specifically for Baby Boomers.  We introduce you to the most provocative and cutting edge experts and gurus from around the world.  And our coaching practice brings all this knowledge together to help you navigate a path and direction in your life of unparalleled meaning, purpose and joy. The Age Busters can’t wait to provide you with resources, products and coaching to help YOU.

Relationships, navigating Social Security and Medicare, finding new sources of income, dieting, health issues, appearance issues – we all face them to one extent or another. The Age Busters break through the myths that might be keeping you stuck.  Research is on our side, and we now know that our mind, body, and spirit can stay as healthy and vital as we allow – if we just believe it can, and work to keep it that way.



Jodye Friedman has a 30 year career in non-profit management and event planning, is a counselor and certified Law of Attraction and Law of Attraction Wealth Practitioner.  More recently, she has turned her once-hobby of art and painting into a lucrative second career.

Jonny has extensive experience as both a business and non-profits executive and consultant for over 30 years as well being an author, consultant, coach and mentor.

Jodye and Jonny founded the first Humanistic synagogue in South Florida and Co-Founded, EarthRise, The Institute for Mind, Body, and Spirit Transformation in 1980.  Jonny’s entrepreneurial bent led him to develop the biggest sports bar in Miami, successful consulting businesses in finance and non-profits and now the Age Busters.

In the non-profit world, they have raised over $100 million for charities. Having lived all over the world – Denver, Miami, New York, Hong Kong and Texas, they now live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Taking their own advice, they are planning their own retirement in Florida.